Use this form to submit an Ogletown Ministry event for promotion.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. The more specific information you can share, the better position we will be in to communicate your event effectively with our current structure and strategy of communication.

To coordinate communication, we ask that information be submitted 3-4 weeks before the desired promotion start date. Also, with the significant volume of requests, we utilize a structure and strategy to best communicate to our congregation which may impact which (if any) vehicles of communication we are able to utilize for your event.

Although completing this form does not guarantee promotion for the event, we will work hard to serve your ministry and service (particularly this activity) with our church’s mission, vision, and the other scheduled events on our communication calendar.

**this form only covers communication and promotion requests. If you are looking to submit an Event Request and Building Usage Request that doesn't need to be promoted, please complete the Building Request form available here or by contacting Evan Collier (**