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B.Y.O. takeout, brown bag lunch, or leftovers.

Men's Lunch Hour

B.Y.O...leftovers, brown bag, takeout, snacks...whatever you desire! The Men's Lunch Hour is designed to connect the men of Ogletown during what may have formerly been their lunch break. New (or not so new) working-from-home schedules have made enjoying lunches together more difficult. We're opening our doors and providing some tables for you to stop by during your lunch break. The only catch is you have to bring your own lunch! Swing through the drive though or reheat some leftovers–bring a friend or just stop in for a few minutes before heading back to work (or back home) to finish the work day.

This event will take place each Tuesday from 11:30am to 1:30pm during the months of April and May. Come for a quick bite or stay for the whole hour (or two).